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Quality Craftsmenship

At Fix My Furniture, we specialize in bringing torn, tattered, and dilapidated furniture back to life. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust us to restore your worn-out sofa, chair, love seat, and more to a like-new condition that will last.

Our talented team works together to make your upholstery dreams a reality. Fix My Furniture has established a reputation for quality design and customer service, which has resulted in becoming one of the largest custom upholstery shops in Edmonton. 


Providing a wide range of services and products from re-upholstery and repairs to custom furniture, we do:
  1. Re-upholstery and Repairs
  2. Custom Pillows and Cushions
  3. Custom Furniture
  4. Frame Modification
  5. Furniture and Re-upholstery Manufacturing
  6. Furniture Design
  7. Research and Development
  8. And more


The average commuter spends nearly double the time in his/her car seat than their hand picked ultra-comfy recliner. Thankfully we have come a long way in driver comfort.

However drivers come in all shapes and sizes, and if you are going to spend a couple hours a day for the next several years sitting in the same seat – give your back, your stress , and your mood a break by getting your seat kept in the best condition or customized to your needs.


Fix My Furniture tops in truck seat repair, seat frame repair and truck upholstery. If your pickup needs new seat foam, new padding, a new cushion, or a seat patch give us a call. We install vinyl and leather truck seat covers, lumbar supports and seat heaters. We also repair or replace truck carpets, floor mats, seat belts, armrests and panels.

Whether you’re on the job, a sportsman, or use your pickup to commute, your truck seat will inevitably wear out. When the seat foam, cover or suspension goes bad you can pay big money to install a brand new one or you can drop by our truck seat repair shop and get the job done right for a lot less money.


Fix My Furniture manufactures pleasure boat upholstery. If you need boat cushions, mattresses, curtains, marine upholstery foam, or helm seats, call Fix My Furniture. If you’re looking for boat seat covers, galley seats, railings, foam, or speed-boat interiors, call Fix My Furniture.

Fix My Furniture is the place to go for boat upholstery, boat interior upholstery and yacht upholstery. We repair and manufacture custom furniture.


Fix My Furniture upholsters recreational vehicle interiors, campers and trailers.

Recreational vehicles and campers are a big part of outdoor life here in Canada. While RVs are rarely used as often as family cars, they’re subjected to extra wear and tear; fishing gear snags carpets, cushion fabrics tear, upholstery foam gets muddy and compressed.

The craftsmen at Fix My Furniture repair camper cushions, reupholster RV interiors with the latest fabrics and restore recreational vehicle foam padding. When hunting for an RV upholstery shop, it’s important to remember that a recreational vehicle interior is not the same as a car or truck seat. RV upholstery is more like something you’d find in a family room, except it has to be more durable and fit better.

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